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News & Notices

  • Public open space and children's play: strategy and design principles - Exibition at Crest sales centre, Monday 21st August 2017 5-8pm. Click here to download the poster

  • To view a statement of the persons nominated for election as a Member of Parliament for the Stroud Constituency please click here.

  • Dates of Meetings for 2018
    All meetings are on a Monday, unless indicated. Meetings commence at 19.00 and held at Hardwicke Village Hall, Green Lane Hardwicke
    - January 2nd (Tuesday)
    - February 5th
    - March 5th
    - April 3rd (Tuesday)
    - April 18th (Wednesday) Annual Parish Assembly (Provisional)
    - May 1st (Tuesday) Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
    - June 4th
    - July 2nd
    - August (Date to be agreed if meeting required)
    - September 3rd
    - October 1st
    - November 5th
    - December 3rd

  • Dates of Meetings for 2017
    All meetings are on a Monday, unless indicated. Meetings commence at 19.00 and held at Hardwicke Village Hall, Green Lane Hardwicke
    - December 4th

  • SDC is introducing an exciting new approach to tenant involvement; giving two tenants the chance to represent tenants’ views at the council’s housing committee and influence decisions potentially affecting the lives of 7,000 tenants. One appointment has already been made, and we are now looking for a second tenant representative. This unique opportunity is open to all tenants. An Independent Tenant Advisor from the Housing Quality Network (HQN)will carry out the selection of the best candidate. The closing date for applications is 8th January 2017.
    For further information, any interested tenants can phone HQN’s hotline or send an email.  Information and an application form can also be found on our website.  For contact details and further information please see the following documents:
    Tenant Rep Poster
    Tenant Rep Information

  • Vacancies for Parish Councillors

    The Parish Council currently has two vacancies for Parish Councillors. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and would like to contribute to the work of the Council in supporting its local community please contact the Clerk, Kevin Lee for more information.
    The Council would be particularly pleased to hear from residents in Hunts Grove.  Your Parish Council is very committed to ensuring that it truly represents all sections of its community.  Hunts Grove is now and will be in the future a very important part of our Parish. We would like to Co Opt a resident to represent the views of residents from the area.
    E Mail:
    50 School Lane, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4WT

  • The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday May 23rd at 19.00 in the Village Hall Green Lane Hardwicke.
  • Hardwicke Parish Assembly
    April 20th 2016 at Hardwicke Village Hall at 7pm. An invitation for all residents.
    Presentations from Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Stroud Youth Forum, Neighbourhood Warden, Parish Council and NDP Group.
    Refreshments provided.
  • Hardwicke Parish Council Meeting
    The next Meeting is 7pm, Monday April 4th 2016 at the Village Hall.